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About us

A word of the CEO

Our company have been founded in September 2014.

ShareMedical id an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) developing and selling healthcare specialized ICT (Information and Communication Technology) platform service.

Japan will be the first country in the world to face the challenge of the ageing population. At the time of Tokyo 2020 Olympic, Japanese healthcare costs might exceed 420 trillion $.

In the meantime, the Japanese healthcare system capacity to take care of its population is on the edge of collapse.

By creating a wide network of healthcare professionals (physicians, pharmacists, nurses…) we are aiming to create a “total healthcare” platform that supports from prevention to medical care to nursing care.

Our objective is to “connect our health to the care”. 

CEO Mine Yoshimasa

2006 – Founding member of QLife Corp., has elaborate the research website “口コミ病院検索 (Kuchikomi Byouin Kennsaku)” and other web services of the company. Has strongly contributed to the emergence of the healthcare business with the concept “a production team generating profit”.

2008 – Realizing the high potential of healthcare application on smartphone technology become pioneer in development and commercialization of iPhone professional healthcare application such as 添付文書Pro (Tenpu Bunsho PRO), 医療ボードPro (Iryou Board PRO).

2014 – Founded ShareMedical to propose services even more closely matching the real-life requirements.

Company information

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ShareMedical Corporation

September 1, 2014

36 200 000 ¥


〒100-0004, Japan

Chiyoda City, Ōtemachi, 1-chōme−6−1 SPACES Ōtemachi Building 2F




CEO      Mine Yoshimasa (峯 啓真)
CCO       (五百川 智美)
Outside director       Takenoshita Masaya (竹之下 仁八)

Physician       Kandabashi Koji (神田橋 宏治)

​Physician       (道海 秀則)

  • Medical Platform Division

  • Medical ICT Deveropment Division

  • Medical Planning Division

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