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Awaji Well-being Business Contest 2022 Grand Prize in the Kizuna Category

ShareMedical, inc. won the Grand Prize in the "Kizuna Category" (businesses based on themes such as work, mutual aid, and community) of the "Awaji Well-being Business Contest 2022," an event held by Pasona Group Inc. on November 1, 2022, with the aim of creating new industries based on the theme of "well-being.

SheaMedical, Inc. reinvented the stethoscope, which had stopped evolving for almost 200 years since its invention in 1816, in 2019 as a digital auscultation device called Nexstate. We have succeeded in easily digitizing biological sounds. Since then, wireless auscultation using headphones or speakers was also possible, and the device attracted attention as an infection protection device for doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel during the coronary disaster, and was introduced at many medical facilities.

The technology is already in the practical application stage and has been adopted as a real-time remote auscultation (patented) technology for in-vehicle online medical systems such as the "Mobile Clinic (Medical MaaS)" in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, which has been featured as a successful reference case in the government's Digital Rural City concept.

The art of stethoscopy, the art of listening to the various sounds emitted by the body, is a skill that doctors have mastered, and a stethoscope is an icon that shows the reliability of a doctor. In this context, we developed a next-generation AI stethoscope that uses AI to learn the biological sounds of the human body. We have sublimated it into a home-use stethoscope that enables the general public to quickly sense changes in the physical condition of themselves and their family members, and we have proposed the possibility of healthcare communication within the home using the sound of a stethoscope.

Our vision for the future of our business is to realize the well-being of people of all generations and to realize a society that resonates with the will of the people.

We will not be ashamed of this award, but will continue to improve our products' accuracy and take on challenges without losing our original intentions and beliefs, aiming for true innovation, and will earnestly challenge technological innovation of old and new auscultation technologies and digital medical care.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the management of the contest for holding the contest under all possible measures to prevent new coronavirus infection. Thank you very much.

About "Awaji Well-being Business Contest

The event will be held on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, with the aim of creating a new industry based on the theme of "Well-being," and will include a pitch event by startups and companies, and a panel discussion by experts in the field. The pitch event called for business proposals based on the themes of "body," "mind," and "bond," which constitute the concept of "well-being," which is becoming increasingly important as people become more health-conscious and their ways of working and living diversify. The 20 finalists selected from among the applicants gave public presentations on Tuesday, November 1, and three Grand Prize winners and three Excellence Award winners were selected.

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