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Obtains sales rights and Japanese-language rights to "MediCapture" an online medical support platform for disaster medical care.

Partnership with PARSYS Telemedecine, France Robust and sophisticated UI adopted by the French military, operating even with low communication bandwidth. Online medical care based on laboratory data is available, and HL7 FHIR compatibility enables electronic medical record linkage.

ShareMedical Inc., a developer and marketer of the Nexstetho digital auscultation device, has partnered with PARSYS Telemedecine of France to acquire the rights to market and Japanese-language localization of Medicapture, the company's online medical support platform for disaster medicine in Japan.

MediCapture was adopted by the French military and designed for use in harsh environments. It has a sophisticated and intuitive UI that allows physicians to check objective vital data collected from Nexstetho and other medical devices before starting online medical treatment. The system was originally designed to operate in low-bandwidth communication environments such as ocean-going vessels and airplanes where communication environments are inadequate, making it ideal for use in mountainous regions and remote islands, as well as for medical support during disasters. It is also the first online medical care tool that supports the HL7 FHIR standard and can be seamlessly linked to cloud-based electronic medical records that support the standard, making it possible to use it for routine home visits, home nursing care, and house calls.

While conventional online medical examination tools are mainly limited to subjective examination based on video and voice, MediCapture combines objective data obtained from examination equipment with the latest communication technology to enable high-quality, stable, next-generation online medical examination, contributing to improved diagnostic accuracy for physicians.

ShareMedical Inc. and PARSYS Telemedecine will further enhance MediCapture as a powerful tool for online medical care.

Key Features of Medicapture

  • Adopted by the French military, the application uses an intuitive UI that is language-independent and can be used by anyone, regardless of IT literacy.

  • Unique protocol that works even in low-bandwidth communication environments

  • Starlink satellite communication is also supported, enabling operation even in remote islands and mountainous areas where cell phone signals do not reach.

  • Collects patient test data (blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen level, blood glucose level, etc.) in advance or in real time, just as in a face-to-face visit, and allows online consultation after viewing the test data.

  • For patients with chronic conditions, test data can be stored in the cloud and changes over time can be checked.

  • Compatible with the HL7 FHIR standard, an international standard for standardizing the linkage of medical information data, and enables seamless linkage with in-hospital systems such as electronic medical records.

Inter-facility online medical care and medical MaaS are also available.

Conventional online medical care has met with resistance from physicians because it is difficult to make the same diagnosis as face-to-face medical care with only video images and patient symptom descriptions, and the benefits in terms of reimbursement are limited in comparison to the burden. However, MediCapture is compatible with the "D to P with N" model that will be newly established in the revision of medical fees in FY2024, allowing on-site nurses to examine patients' biometric data in advance or in real time and transmit it to physicians. This will enable high-quality online medical care with full consideration given to the test data in advance, just as in face-to-face consultations.

Especially in areas with limited medical resources, such as mountainous regions, the establishment of an inter-facility online medical care system that connects local clinics and core hospitals online using "Medicapture" will facilitate the provision of healthcare services by creating a medical base in times of disaster or by setting up a permanent online medical care service as a "TV consultation day" for residents to get used to the service. This will facilitate the provision of healthcare services.

ShareMedical Inc. and PARSYS Telemedecine intend to contribute to the field of digital healthcare, including disaster medicine, with this advanced online medical tool.


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