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Physicians・Dentists・Pharmacists・Nurses Medical Community



When a physician has a problem, when he wants to have an advice, to whom will he look for? When a pharmacist has a difficulty about the drugs interactions or shortage, how will he find the needed information? When a nurse has a problem, how will he solve it? what about information on new drugs? Is there someone that could take a replacement?

Cloud Medical Office is a feature of the high-level encryption medical communication tool MediLine.

MediLine for Medical Community

Cloud Medical Office is only available on invitation

If you do not have a member code, you need to be invited by an member or please make a member code demand though the inquiry

As for now only physicians, dentists, pharmacists and nurses only can be register

User comment

I created a group with school days friends. We now use it as a tool to communicate between physicians

— Internist

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