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The medical field is in an unprecedented crisis.

  Until now, it has been considered a virtue to take the patient's hand, slowly ask questions, and carefully perform a physical examination. Unfortunately, such common sense has changed drastically in today's medical field. Masks, gloves, face shields, appropriate distance from the patient, and the shortest and simplest treatment possible, especially for patients with infectious symptoms are required.
  It is the Nexstetho that bridges the physical distance. In our hospital, patients with fever are consulted through an acrylic panel to maintain physical distance. The risk of infection is low if it is done through an acrylic board, and protective equipment such as gloves and face shields are not necessary. Moreover, by using Nexstetho, everything from interview to auscultation can be completed through an acrylic board. In the future, the system will be used for home treatment at our hospital, and it may also be applied to telemedicine, which assists doctors and nurses in their treatment.
  With COVID-19, the role of the stethoscope has evolved even further and will create a new era of medical care in the future.

- Dr. Keita Kondo, Toyota Regional Medical Center

About Nexstetho

About Nexstetho

What is the digital stethoscope device Nexstetho?

  The digital stethoscope device "Nexstetho" is a device that can be attached to an existing stethoscope (chest piece) to improve hearing of heart and breathing sounds, amplify the volume, and connect to commercially available headphones and speakers because it can be made wireless.
  Because the new coronavirus causes pneumonia symptoms, stethoscopy is essential to the examination. However, the conventional stethoscope is structurally inadequate to face the patient, so the doctor is at risk of droplet infection.

  Because the Nexstetho is wireless, stethoscopy can be performed even at a distance of about 10 meters and can be performed even when the patient is wearing an infection protective device that covers the entire body. For example, the stethoscope can be placed in a negative pressure room and the doctor who listens to the stethoscope from the green zone can be separated.


About ShareMedical

About ShareMedical

Connecting the desire to help with the power of IT

When I was inspired by Nextstate two years ago, I never imagined that the world would turn out this way. Telework, online meetings, and the crisis of medical collapse... The world is rapidly changing, but what remains unchanged is the desire of medical professionals to save people.

 We're using technology to save those healthcare professionals. For the sake of the world and people, we stand alongside medical professionals around the world to implement the various technologies required by society.

CEO Yoshimasa Mine,  ShareMedical, Inc.

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