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Nexstetho adopted by JR East "Sendai Station Smart Clinic" online medical examination booth.

ShareMedical Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is pleased to announce that its digital stethoscope (hereinafter referred to as "Nexstetho") has been selected by East Japan Railway Company (hereinafter referred to as "JR East") for its "Smart Health Station®" project. Through this initiative, we will play a part in providing new medical services at Sendai Station.

1.Outline of "Smart Health Station®"

As part of JR East's "Beyond Stations Initiative," a "Smart Health Station®" will be installed in the conventional train ticket gates on the second floor of Sendai Station. This will create an environment where people on their way to work, school, or on vacation can receive medical examinations early in the morning, at night, or on holidays.

2.The Role of Nexstetho

Our Nexstetho is installed in the online examination booth and functions as an important tool to accurately assess the patient's physical condition. By using Nexstetho, physicians can obtain not only the patient's main complaints but also biometric sound data such as heart, breath, and bowel sounds in real time, just as in face-to-face consultations, from a remote location, making it possible to conduct consultations on par with face-to-face consultations. This will improve the diagnostic accuracy of online medical examinations and provide high-quality medical services.

3. Contribution to the business

By participating in this project, MEDINET will contribute to the improvement of local medical care and promote the spread of online medical services that allow for further testing. Through Nexstetho, we aim to support high-precision medical care that meets the needs of patients and strengthen cooperation in regional medical care.

4. Future prospects

We will continue to focus on technological innovation in the medical field to provide a safe and secure medical environment for patients. We will continue to work closely with JR East and other organizations to improve the quality of our medical services.

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