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LDP Representative Ogura questioned about "Medical MaaS" project in the Diet

Updated: May 29, 2022

The Mobile Clinic (Medical MaaS) project in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, which is equipped with the Nexstetho Synapse remote auscultation system, was discussed in connection with the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation by Mr. Ogura, the head of the LDP Youth Bureau, during a questioning session of the Lower House Budget Committee on May 26, 2022.

Question: LDP Youth Director Masanobu Ogura, Rep.


The Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation State initiative initiated by Prime Minister Kishida is the foundation of the new capitalism. Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, has an aging population and a large area of mountainous countryside. Taking advantage of these various disadvantages, Ina City has started a medical clinic car initiative. A mobile medical van with only a driver and a nurse will go to elderly people who are unable to use online medical equipment to receive online medical care. By reducing travel time, doctors are able to see more people who need medical care. This is the first such initiative. The difference from the past digitalization efforts is that the government will work to package the excellent efforts in Ina so that more municipalities will adopt them as soon as possible. If more local governments adopt the concept, the participating businesses will be able to make a profit and become self-supporting without relying on subsidies. This is what is about to happen with the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation National Concept. This is already a very popular grant within the 20 billion yen framework. Since this budget is only within the framework of a supplementary budget, it will need to be secured in the future, and making it part of the initial budget will enhance foresight and predictability for local governments. Furthermore, the grant should be made available for multiple years, like the Society 5.0 type of grant for promoting regional development. Some local governments are in the process of revising their second phase of the Comprehensive Strategy for the Creation of Towns, Cities, and Workplaces, and have formulated the National Comprehensive Strategy for Digital Rural Cities. The government needs to communicate with these municipalities. I hope that Minister Wakamiya, who is in charge of this issue, will fulfill his leadership role.

Answer: Minister in charge of the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation State Plan Kenji Wakamiya


The Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation is based on the understanding that the needs for new digital technology are greater in rural areas, which are facing social issues such as declining population, falling birthrate, aging population, and hollowing out of industry, and aims to solve problems and improve attractiveness by utilizing digital technology while making the most of local individuality, and to achieve a bottom-up approach from the rural areas. The project aims to solve problems and improve the attractiveness of local communities by utilizing digital technology while making the most of local characteristics. The concept of the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation State Concept is to resolve the three "disadvantages," "dissatisfaction," and "anxiety" for rural areas. To realize this concept, the grant for the promotion of the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation Concept State Concept and the support for the revision of the local version of the comprehensive strategy are provided to support the voluntary and proactive efforts of local regions. We would like to support local governments as needed, and Ina City in Nagano Prefecture, as mentioned by the committee member, is a very good example of this. We would like to work hard to support the development of this initiative throughout Japan.

About "Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation": It is a new vision for the Japanese government that expands British urban planner Ebenezer Howard's book "Garden Cities of Tomorrow" into today's digital society. For more information, click here.

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