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Boost the telemedicine diagnosis accuracy with the wireless-stethoscope

Stethoscope sound digitalizing device


Benefits about the digitalization of the information

The core concept of the development was to keep the shape of the traditional stethoscope, preventing modification in manipulation methods.

An investigation considering several physicians tempted to determine the key element for a performant stethoscope. This investigation showed that the chestpiece was the major factor defining the performance of the stethoscope. Therefore, the development of ‘hummingbird’ integrates the chestpiece into the device.

Not only the ‘new’ device needed to be equivalent but outclass the traditional stethoscope. Until now the act, the diagnosis and the archive were done by one physician. In the current healthcare organization, multidisciplinary care is the standard. Accordingly, the digitalized signal can be registered and shared with all the medical team. This functionality will also support the education of medical students. Moreover, the high performance of the devices will assist complicate cardiovascular disease diagnosis.

The commitment is to advance the stethoscope from the analog era to the digital era, as it was the case for the cassette to USB key or the stenographer to the smartphone, inducing a comparable strong impact on the society.

Mode selection switch 

Depending to the sound you desire to hear (heart, breath) the environment noise reduction system helps the auscultation

Volume selector switch

micro USB

Audio port

3.5mm jack output terminal integrated.

Chest piece

Attach your own chest piece to the device for upgrading your auscultation experiences.


The integrated digital signal processor adjusts the auscultation sound for the best hearing experience. In
a noisy environment the noise reduction function helps to have the optimized hearing conditions.

Aluminum housing

The metal housing transmits, in the most accurate way, the most sensible auscultation sound.

Product Spec

Name: Stethoscope sound digitalizing device

Dimensions: H: 50 mm W: 42 mm D: 20 mm

Weight: 42g

Continuous usable time: 4 hours

​Mode: Heart / Breath / Low-Pass

I/O: 3.5mm audio jack x 2 / micro USB

Wireless: Yes (Bluetooth)

Price: Discretionary Price

Are you ready to go?

The Nexstetho can also record stethoscope sounds. Please bring your headphones and listen to the heartbeat and breathing sounds we've recorded on Next State. If you can't hear well, try changing your headphones or earbuds to the recommended equipment. You'll be surprised at the difference.

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