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Promoted next-generation online medical care solution business together with Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "TOKYO SUTEAM" agreement project.

ShareMedical Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Yoshimasa Mine, Representative Director; hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is pleased to announce that it will develop a next-generation online medical care solution business in Tokyo in the "Medical and Healthcare Innovation Industry," one of the five priority areas promoted by SUNDRED Corporation (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO and GM: Masanobu Todome), a partner company of Tokyo Suteam, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's start-up support project.

■Business Overview

As a specialist in digital medical devices and medical software development, the Company will provide cutting-edge next-generation online medical solutions. The project will focus on the following initiatives:

  1. Development and implementation of disaster response-capable online diagnostic support systems

  2. Provision of continuous health monitoring services linked with wearable devices

  3. Construction and operation of a medical containerized online medical booth clinic

Through these services, we aim to make high-quality medical care more accessible to Tokyo residents.

■Participation in TOKYO SUTEAM

SUNDRED Corporation has been approved as a partner company of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "TOKYO SUTEAM" startup support program, and the company announced five priority areas. As one of these priority areas, ShareMedical Inc.'s "Next Generation Online Medical Solution Business" was selected for the Medical and Healthcare Innovation Industry.

In response to this selection, MHI, in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and SUNDRED Corporation, will work to develop and promote innovative medical solutions.

■Future Prospects

Through this project, we aim to achieve the following goals

  1. Improve access to and quality of medical care in Tokyo

  2. Improve the health of Tokyo residents by promoting preventive medicine

  3. Improve the work efficiency of healthcare professionals through the promotion of medical digitization

Through this initiative, ShareMedical Inc. will contribute to the development of the medical and healthcare industry in Tokyo and help realize a healthy and long-lived society where everyone can live with peace of mind.

SUNDREDが新産業の「5つの重点領域」を発表 東京都「TOKYO SUTEAM」協定事業の一環としてスタートアップを巻き込み、新産業を加速

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