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Euronews reports on "Nexstetho Synapse" as an example of medical MaaS in Japan

Aging populations and a lack of medical resources - these are common challenges that many local cities face. Similarly, European countries also face the challenges of harsh nature and limited medical resources. How is Japan coping? Euronews reporter Lawrence Alexandrovich finds a hint of the answer in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture.

The Idea of Bringing Medicine Closer to People

The Japanese Alps are often covered with snow in the winter, which is another challenge for the residents to overcome. Mr. Nishimura lives in a house where the nearest hospital is an hour away. Medical MaaS is able to go to Mr. Nishimura's house and the doctor at the hospital can examine him via video conference. This has been a great help to Nishimura-san, a resident.

Nishimura-san also said, "When you go to a hospital, there are people around you, and sometimes it's hard to talk about things. Here, I feel like I can explain my problems face to face," he said.

In Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, digitalization is also being used to improve the lives of people in the community. Drones are being used to deliver medicines to the elderly and to provide hospital services closer to home for elderly and isolated patients.

There are not many doctors in Japan’s rural areas. To solve the problems this creates, we believe we need to take the health services to the patients, using technology and remote medical care. YASUE Akira - Section chief of Ina City New Industry Technology Promotion Department

This method seems to be beneficial for doctors as well. Dr.Kamiyama says.

Less travel time means you can spend more time with your patients!

Also, says Yazawa-san, a nurse on board the medical MaaS.

I am very surprised that the video phones and remote stethoscopes(Nexstetho) installed in the mobile clinics allow nurses to work with doctors and engage in community healthcare with peace of mind!

In Japan, where the population is aging, a new program called the "Digital Rural City Initiative" has been launched to utilize digital technology. European countries that are facing the same challenges are also showing great interest in Japan's technology, including medical MaaS.

Euronews is the leading European television news broadcaster, broadcasting in 15 languages and covering 424 million households in 160 countries around the world.

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