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[Contribution] Digital Auscultation Devices Expand Auscultation Style in the New Normal Era

We have contributed to a special project of "InnerVision" magazine, a medical journal, "Accelerating Digital Transformation of Medical Care: Budding Next-Generation Medical Care Created by the Latest Technology" as a contributor to the article, "Expanding New Normal Style of Auscultation with Digital Auscultation Devices.

The article also includes a case report, "Possibilities of Medical Care Expanded by DX," by Dr. Ohta, a pediatrician who uses "Nexstetho" in his clinical practice. We hope you will enjoy the article.

Inner Vision Monthly January 2021, Vol. 36, No. 1-Feature: The Power of Modalities, Software and Services Using AI Technology / Special Report: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare
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