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Nexstetho was featured on the nursing information website "Kango no Oshigoto"

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Nurse Tokidoki Joshi" corner of "Kango no Oshigoto," a nursing information site operated by Leverages Medical Care Corporation, has introduced "Nexstetho" as one of the case studies of "an organization that develops human resources capable of preventing and controlling dementia and leads to solutions to the problems of medical professionals and people in various positions".


Japan has entered into a super-aged society unparalleled in the world. Furthermore, in recent years, the new coronavirus has increased the number of people receiving medical care and being hospitalized, and the environment in the medical field is changing. Therefore, in the medical field, efforts are being made to prevent and control dementia so that the elderly can live well on their own, and to facilitate operations while taking measures against infectious diseases. In addition, even amidst such efforts, new life is being born, and a system to support children, mothers, and women of all ages is also being sought.
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