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Release of "Nexstetho Synapse," an online medical system that also allows remote hearing diagnosis

New style of "listening" and "diagnosing" online medical care! Update of the existing system

 ShareMedical, Inc. has announced that it will start offering "Nexstetho Synapse," an online medical treatment system that allows users to listen as well as see images using the "Nexstetho" digital audiology device, in January 2021.

 The Nexstetho Synapse is shipped with the Nexstetho main unit, tablet, and smartphone all pre-configured, and the 4G LTE communication costs are included, so there is no need for line construction or separate contracts.

Upgrading "Listen" and "See" Online Medical Practice to be More Practical

 Doctors use all five senses, such as visual, tactile, and auditory examinations, to provide medical care, and face-to-face consultations are often necessary for diagnosis and prescription. On the other hand, there is a rapid increase in the number of situations where it is difficult to conduct face-to-face consultations due to countermeasures against infectious diseases, and the importance of online consultations is being reevaluated. This is one of the factors inhibiting the spread of online medical services.

 Share Medical has succeeded in transmitting the sound of auscultation as voice by using the digital auscultation device "Nexstetho". The company has also established a new style of wireless auscultation using commercially available headphones and speakers, which has been introduced and used in many medical facilities for medical examinations under the protection of infection because it enables non-contact auscultation.

 On the other hand, there have been many requests for connecting home medical care or fever outpatient clinic with a doctor's office to perform auscultation from a longer distance. However, many videoconferencing systems consider the auscultation sound as noise and cut it off when transmitting it, making it difficult to transmit the auscultation sound.

 In response, ShareMedical defined this frequency band as Biological Deep Sound (BDS), and developed a patented architecture for accurate real-time transmission of biological sounds in the low frequency range, and combined it with the audio and video transmission system provided by NTT Smart Connect Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Shuji Akiyama). (Head office: Osaka City, Osaka; President: Shuji Akiyama), we have achieved real-time audiometry with remote locations using the Internet.

Service Development

In addition to a set of products that can be used immediately out of the box so that there is no need to select equipment, Nexstetho Synapse will gradually consider providing SDKs for embedding in existing electronic medical records, online medical systems, and AI systems. Medical institutions that already have an online medical system can continue to use it as an add-on to their familiar system without having to change their services. At the time of release, the service model is expected to be a portable type and a base type.

The portable model is designed to be used mainly in situations where a visiting nurse visiting a patient's home and a doctor in a clinic are connected.

This model is designed to connect a medical facility's separate building, room, or vehicle to a doctor's office. An environment in which both sides are equipped with communication lines and power supplies.

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