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ShareMedical sincerely hopes for peace in Ukraine!

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

I am sure that many of you are watching the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine with fear and anxiety. Our staff shares this sentiment. As a company that stands for "human-centered design," our hearts ache for the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

This is because it is not someone else's business. Some of our products were developed in Ukraine, and many of the engineers and designers involved in the project are still working on them in evacuation centers.

For us, this is not a faraway country, nor is it a fire on the other side of the river. We are proud to support Ukraine through our business, and we are proud of their high sense of mission to continue development and never give up, despite the difficulties they face.

People can't stand to lose their jobs. They will also be anxious about the loss of income. ShareMedical hopes to support the future of Ukrainian industry and people through its business.

Let's expand our circle of support.

Our company is in the business of medical care. One of the most urgent issues is medical care in evacuation centers. Doctors from Japan have been going to Poland and other countries where there are many evacuees to provide support. Here are some of the places we are supporting. Please donate to organizations that support people's safety and mental and physical care.

TICO Representative Director Osamu Yoshida, a physician, said, "We will not be too enthusiastic about this support, but will consider it an extension of our house calls." he said. After that, we visited the Embassy of Hungary in Japan to explain about the support for Ukrainian evacuees in Hungary, and received information about the situation in Ukraine.

MSF is currently providing emergency medical supplies to medical facilities in Ukraine, mainly in the capital, Kiev, and in the eastern regions where there are many injured, and is in the process of bringing a specialized emergency response team with experience working in conflict zones on site.

UNHCR calls on governments to continue to maintain access to their respective countries for Ukrainians, third-country nationals living in Ukraine, and all those who have been forced to flee violence. We hereby emphasize that there must be no discrimination against anyone or any group.

*Before making a donation, please check the information about each organization and choose the recipient of your donation at your own discretion.

Managing and protective measures for children in crisis situation

We hope you will join us in making a difference together.

Wishing you a speedy resolution to the situation!

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