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Toyota Motor Corporation MEDICAL MOVER with Nexstetho Unveiled at Medical Japan Tokyo

ShareMedical Inc. will be exhibiting in the booth of Toyota Auto Body Corporation (Hall 1, Booth 4-26) at the "Medical, Care and Pharmacy Week Medical Japan Tokyo Exhibition" to be held at Makuhari Messe from October 12 (Wed.) to October 14 (Fri.). Nexstetho, a digital auscultation device, will be exhibited in the "MEDICAL MOVER", an online medical examination vehicle.

Mobile medical care is provided by installing online medical tools in a special vehicle and visiting the patient's home. A nurse accompanies the patient, and the doctor can connect online from inside the hospital to listen to the doctor's instructions and perform procedures in the vehicle. Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, has already put this service to practical use as a mobile clinic, and it has also been featured as a major success story in the government's Digital Rural City Initiative. In view of the high demand for online non-contact auscultation, partly due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, we will also be exhibiting a reference exhibit of the Bio Speaker, the world's first howling-less speaker auscultation unit that can be used in connection with Nexstetho, which is being jointly developed with Foster Electric Co.

"Bio Speaker" feedback-less speaker aural unit from FOSTEX

  1. Howling-less mechanism The development of FOSTEX's proprietary technology suppresses the unpleasant feedback that has been a problem when monitoring the biological sounds auscultated in Nexstetho with conventional speakers, greatly improving the ease of listening during auscultation. This eliminates the need to attach and detach earpieces during auscultation and enables simultaneous monitoring of auscultation sounds by multiple persons.

  2. Wide-range playback for the heartbeat and other low frequencies The small monitor speakers selected as the base model, which have been introduced as a standard in broadcast stations for more than 30 years, provide wide-range reproduction that enables monitoring of biological sound from the low-frequency range despite their small size.

  3. Optimized reproduction of original sound Based on years of experience in the development of professional monitor speakers, fine-tuned to optimize the reproduction of the original sound as a reference for the biological sound required by Nexstetho.

Online Medical Treatment Vehicle "MEDICAL MOVER" online medical care vehicle

  • Spacious interior based on Toyota Hiace

  • Equipped with medical equipment capable of taking vital measurements

  • Online connection to a doctor for consultation using a large monitor, remote auscultation, etc.

  • Large-capacity shelves in the rear of the vehicle for storing medical supplies and other items, and can accommodate a drone that delivers medicines.

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