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Supporting Access to Health Care with Advanced Technology

We are pleased to announce that we were featured in the June 16, 2022 edition of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. The medical MaaS system includes Nexstetho and Nexstetho Synapse.

It was introduced in the city in 2019. It will be equipped with medical equipment and video calling equipment. It can perform medical tests such as medical interviews and blood pressure, and a digital stethoscope with communication capabilities allows doctors to perform remote auscultation. Medications are prescribed based on the results of the medical interview and examination data. Pharmacies can also remotely instruct patients on how to take their medications and deliver them to them. In April 2021, the city signed an agreement with a local medical association to commercialize the system. About 10 medical institutions are using the system. So far, about 260 cases of remote medical care have been provided. An ultrasound machine will also be introduced to enable the city to provide medical checkups for pregnant women. "Many rural areas are suffering from a shortage and uneven distribution of doctors. Many elderly people are not familiar with the use of smartphones and other remote medical services. If a nurse is on board, patients will feel more comfortable. It will also reduce the burden on the family and the doctor."
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