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Stethoscope sound digitalizing device

Boost the telemedicine diagnosis accuracy with the wireless-stethoscope

Revolutionize the stethoscope technology by converting analog signal into digital information

We want to create new stethoscopes - not new auscultation methods - by digitizing, updating, and retrofitting the beloved stethoscopes we already have. We want to improve the quality of everyday clinics. With that in mind, in collaboration with pediatric medical specialists, we have created the Stethoscope Digitization Unit “Nexstetho” (patent registered), making the first improvements on the stethoscope since it was invented nearly 200 years ago.


Solving a practitioner’s problem

The backstory behind the development of a ‘new’ stethoscope

It began with the troubles of one doctor. The earpieces of a stethoscope apply pressure to the auricles and cause pain. It’s most likely a problem common to internal medicine practitioners around the world. The desire to solve this 200-year-old problem - that was what kick-started our development of this stethoscope digitization unit.
The designers on our development team immediately drew out several product designs. Although the shape and materials of the original stethoscope invented in 19th century France have changed, its basic structure has hardly evolved at all.
“Evolving the stethoscope - ” by use of the latest in digital acoustic technologies, the stethoscope will undergo massive evolution while maintaining its original basic structure. 


Benefits about the digitalization of the information

In parallel of the stethoscope sound digitalizing device development, creation of a new service ‘Auscultation study group’. It is a platform that regroup the sound collected with stethoscope sound digitalizing device by physicians for medical education purposes.

Benefits about the digitalization of the information

The core concept of the development was to keep the shape of the traditional stethoscope, preventing modification in manipulation methods.

An investigation considering several physicians tempted to determine the key element for a performant stethoscope. This investigation showed that the chestpiece was the major factor defining the performance of the stethoscope. Therefore, the development of ‘hummingbird’ integrates the chestpiece into the device.

Not only the ‘new’ device needed to be equivalent but outclass the traditional stethoscope. Until now the act, the diagnosis and the archive were done by one physician. In the current healthcare organization, multidisciplinary care is the standard. Accordingly, the digitalized signal can be registered and shared with all the medical team. This functionality will also support the education of medical students. Moreover, the high performance of the devices will assist complicate cardiovascular disease diagnosis.

The commitment is to advance the stethoscope from the analog era to the digital era, as it was the case for the cassette to USB key or the stenographer to the smartphone, inducing a comparable strong impact on the society.

The integrated digital signal processor adjusts the auscultation sound for the best hearing experience. In
a noisy environment the noise reduction function helps to have the optimized hearing conditions.

Product Spec

Name: Stethoscope sound digitalizing device

Dimensions: H: 50 mm W: 42 mm D: 20 mm

Weight: 42g

Continuous usable time: 4 hours

​Mode: Heart / Breath / Low-Pass

I/O: 3.5mm audio jack x 2 / micro USB

Wireless: Yes (Bluetooth)

Price: Discretionary Price

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